Monday, August 12, 2013

Main Floor; Coffee, Books, and Frames

Our main floor was the easiest to set up, and thus the first one done (well, almost).

When you come into our front door, the kitchen is immediately off the hallway to the right.  It is the largest kitchen we have had yet, and is pretty perfect for us right now other than lacking a few deeper drawers (and a pantry-dreams...).  I am not a fan of this peach color that is in several areas of the house.  Not sure what we should change it to...

This corner is my problem area of the house.  I'm just not sure exactly what to put here (especially on the corner shelf), but I'm considering a tall breakfast table or a kitchen cart with some extra storage.  Suggestions?

I'm also so happy to finally have a window over my sink.  But I haven't figured out a curtain for in here yet either.  Brian wants it to cover the window completely, so a vallance is out. 

Once through the kitchen or the hallway, you come to the living/dining room combo.  I wasn't a fan of this yellow in the original photos Brian sent too, but it's grown on me.  I think we'll leave it.

I decided to free up some of my counter space (for my own gadgets) by moving Brian's coffee maker and accessories out here to the baker's rack that we original bought for extra storage in our first apartment.  I like how it turned out, and decided to flank it with the two black shelves we had and fill them with all of our cookbooks.

Over our beautiful chairs (grandpa's chairs) I decided to put the shelf that Brian made for our last apartment, place frames on it.  I debated with painting them white to match the trim in this room, but I love so many of the frames as is that I just couldn't bear to paint them.  Across the room from them is another shelf/frame arrangement.  And finally, our bookshelves (can you tell we have a problem with having too many books?).

The best thing about this floor is that there is plenty of open room for all the play that goes on in here, and the room is pretty much baby-proof (other than books getting pulled off shelves).

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