Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I bought a blue baby book yesterday

So we fiiiiiiinally shared the news with everyone. Now our little secret is public knowledge.

We had our ultra sound Monday, and they decided I wasn't quite as far along as we thought and bumped my due date back to Feb. 21. They took lots and lots of measurements of every part of the little ones anatomy, and Brian got pretty excited when the tech said that his hands were in little fists. I didn't notice the slip, but I think he was paying more attention to that than I was. She later pointed out those other parts of the anatomy that did indicate "it" is a boy. I was a little bummed, but Brian was very excited. I think he was very scared of having a daughter after knowing me and my 3 sisters in our teenage years. He's very happy to have a son.

So I am still pretty symptom-less in this pregnancy. I'm starting to get my appetite back-but am being very, very picky. Brian made me a dish last night of hot ham (I won't eat it cold), grapes, tomato slices, and a chunk of cheese. I do have some headaches, head cold symptoms and have been waking up a few nights with charlie-horses in my calves, but I'm not sure which and if any of those are associated with the pregnancy.
I am highly emotional though right now, which I definitely blame on the pregnancy. It's normally whenever I'm alone, but there have been many songs on the radio or scenes on tv that just make me tear up and have a tightening in my chest. Just now I was looking through some Better Homes and Gardens magazine and was moved by all the displays of pumpkins and other autumn delights... almost to tears but not quite this time.

I just heard bike pedals so my husband is approaching... he is only slightly wet from coming home in the rain. He made the best smelling stew ever this morning that slow-cooked all days, so I am going to go enjoy that with him... I'm definitely using the eating-for-two excuse tonight.


Ashley said...

So excited for your little man :) You'll be a good boy mom. I'm sure of it. And if you have a little girl in the future, she'll have a big brother to protect her. How perfect is that?

Also, I kind of find it hysterical that being highly emotional is your only pregnancy symptom. I just want to get that out there....because the things you're talking about are my daily life :)

Eddie Spaghetti said...

Sure looks cute... just lying there and taking it easy. Does Mommy have her feet up?