For the last ten years, Brian and I have tried to camp every year.  It has probably averaged out to only every other year, but it is always a great time when we take the time to go.  We are the kind of people who would like to camp in every national park someday, and as many state parks as we can.

We were very lucky to get to go camping in the Southwest, including Joshua Tree National Park, Carlsbad State Beach, and Malibu Creek State Park.  Maybe one day I'll put out those old photos (before we went digital) and add some posts about them.

Until then, we can give you a little insight into some Maryland and Pennsylvania campsites.

Little Pond State Campground:  Located in the Poconos.  Our last trip before kids.

Assateague National Seashore

Hickory Run State Park 

Rocky Gap State Park

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