Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Momentos/Photos 2015

Between all the pre-school and kindergarten crafts, this year Thanksgiving has been extremely cute.  We started doing a nightly round of what we are thankful for weeks ago, and but it was neat to see what things rose to the top in their school projects.

Eli's tree:  (he says Thomas everytime I ask, even though he was missing from his tree)

Theo's Writing:
"I am thankful for... pezz be cz it is so yu me anb Be cz it is so gud"

Have I mentioned how much I love watching him become a writer! 

At school, Theodore represented Brian's side of the family (his 12th and 13th Great Grandparents were on the Mayflower), while Elijah represented my side of the family (his 4th Great Grandmother was of the Miami tribe).

And Thomas got to wear some fun turkey items that were originally Eli's, but didn't get to enjoy any of the delicacies of Thanksgiving, except maybe a tiny taste of pumpkin that confused him greatly.  He'll have to wait until next year to enjoy some pie.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thomas Update: 3 Months

 It seems like we're finally getting into our groove now.  This last month you've spent some time celebrating Halloween and then mama's birthday, meeting two of your great grandparents, and spending time at Theodore's school activities.  The ladies at the gym love holding you, and you are still quiet as a mouse most church services.  I can't complain at all with how happy you are most of the time, and you give me the best smiles every time you see me indicating you want picked up and cuddled.  I feel like I've held you more often than I held your brothers, but that may be because at this point I was heading back to work after having both of them, but with you I am with you all the time.

Weight: 13 lbs, 10 oz
Length: ?? inches, 3-6 months clothes, though I think many of your brother's old things must have shrunk because some barely fit.  You still seem on the tall side.  We switched to size 2 diapers once we ran out of 1s, and finally started putting you in cloth diapers.
Feeding:  Same as last month, though the hiccoughs seem much less now.  You are incredibly patient, having to sometimes wait on your meals when I'm busy with your brothers. 
Sleeping:  We had our first all night sleep session at about 10 weeks old, and have repeated it several times now.  Most of the nights you wake up around 4:00 though to eat.  You're finally spending more time awake so we can differentiate between naps and awake time, but you still nap three or four times throughout the day depending on our schedule.  Swaddling you is key to a good night's sleep.
Communicating:  As a third born, you're excellent at using smiles to get and keep anyone's attention.  Whenever you coo your brothers like to dictate what they think you are saying.
 Likes: bedtime stories, cuddles, and riding in your stroller
Dislikes:  you still don't like when your brother's get in your personal space, you hate being cold (winter is going to be a bit difficult) and of course you can get hangry just like the rest of your family
 Growth Milestones:  Using your hands much more and huge, immediate smiles.
Health:  You finally got through your first cough, and then developed a new one.  Some saline treatments have helped in clearing up your current cough.