Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Within a week...

So, no real changes in my pregnancy today, except that this baby seems to be pretty big! My doctor is getting a little nervous about letting me go too long, since she thinks he's going to be so big and have trouble getting out. So, I'm scheduled to go in and be induced Monday, Feb. 22 at 9:00 PM, if he doesn't come on his own by then! I guess we really need to get to work picking out a name now!

She sent us over to get an ultrasound to get an estimated weight of the baby. According to their measurements, he is measuring 40 weeks, 6 days (instead of the 39 weeks, 2 days he's estimated to be). And his weight is 9lb 3 oz +/- 21 oz. Hopefully not on the plus side! The tech also mentioned that my fluid is on the high side, so that is a slight concern.

I love this picture below! His lips aren't really that big, they are pursed because he was practicing sucking! It was pretty amazing to see his little mouth moving like that.

Winter Storm Round 2-Part 2!

The craziness of this winter continued as we received a second snow storm before the first one was even cleaned up. We ended up with a whole week off school, plus more for President's Day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doc's Apt

Today is the date of our first due date. Our adjusted date is the 21st, but the 10th was our original one.

Yesterday, we had a check up. I'm still the same, and the baby is still really high! I don't see this baby coming for a while still. She also ran a quick ultrasound to make sure he is head down, which he is. Had me a little worried though.

I'm starting to feel the uncomfortableness... and sitting around for three snow days in a row isn't helping anything! I've had to start pacing the house since I don't have any shoes that will fit to walk out in the snow in. I'd rather be up moving than sitting too long, I get very stiff. But if I do too much, then I get pretty exhausted. And I'm not that comfortable sleeping anymore... I must have gotten up 5 times last night.

I just want the baby to go ahead and come soon. To give you an idea of what this little one might look like, I've included Brian and I's baby pictures.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Update

2 Weeks to go!!

So, it's been a while since I've written any updates on this pregnancy. There's actually been a lot going on in the last two months. Here are some of my pregnancy related events:

Right now we are at about 38 weeks, and according to the doctors for the last couple of weeks I've been 75% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. I take that as a good sign that things are starting to get going. I've actually got another appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if I've had any changes.

My plan is to stop teaching on Feb. 23, whether the baby is here or not. It's the start of a new term, and I figured it would be good to just put a start date on my maternity leave. If I use all of my FMLA time, I'll need to go back for about the last two weeks of school (more if we keep getting snow days :( Right now, I'm counting down the school days left.

Mon. Feb. 8 -CANCELED
Tues. Feb. 9 - CANCELED
Wed. Feb. 10-regular day, plus parent teacher conferences all night
Thurs. Feb. 11- NO Kids in school, parent teacher conferences all day
Fri. Feb. 12- NO SCHOOL
Mon. Feb. 15- NO SCHOOL (President's Day)
Tues. Feb. 16 REGULAR DAY
Wed. Feb. 17 REGULAR DAY
Thurs. Feb. 18 REGULAR DAY
Fri. Feb. 19 LAST DAY!!!

We've started to get the nursery together a little bit. We mainly have the changing table area set up. We need to start working on getting some cool "sea" themed prints up on the walls.
Jan. 2, with Brian's cousin Jessica. She's due a little bit after me.
While we were home for the holidays, my mother took us to her hospital and ran a stress test on us so we could track the babies movements/heart rate in relation to mine. Her nurses also played with their ultrasound on me. We could see that the baby had hiccoughs at the time. I couldn't feel them, but I've been able to feel them since then. It is pretty cool.

I had showers on Dec. 26 (in Ohio) and Dec. 27 (in Indiana) and got a ton of stuff we needed for the baby. Ashley had a really cute posting, so I'll just direct you there for the photos of the Indiana shower.
Ashley's Link
I finally finished up most of my thank-you cards today... while doing so I got to thinking about how many aunts this baby is going to have. According to my calculations, when he is born he'll have... 5 aunts, 18 great aunts, 14 great-great aunts, and at least 6 great-great-great aunts!

I loved my super cute winter pajamas. I'm about 31 weeks here (and looking huge).

We also had an ultrasound mid-December, confirming he is still a boy. They calculated him to be about a week and a half too big at the time.

Winter Storm, Round 2

Beating our record in December, we were treated to a weekend storm of about 2 feet this past weekend. It started snowing on my way home from school Friday, and didn't stop until about Saturday afternoon. It blew quite a bit on Saturday, and our church canceled services for Sunday. Even though we can easily get out of our parking lot and around the streets here, a lot of the housing developments and back roads down south where I teach aren't getting plowed as well. They canceled school Monday, and already for Tuesday! This already makes 4 snow days for us... I was told not to expect many days when I moved to Delaware, but whoever told me that was apparently wrong.

And we're supposed to get more snow starting tomorrow!

Super Bowl :(

Like almost every Hoosier I know, I'm thoroughly disappointed that the Colts lost... I really did not see that happening.

It was a bit of a long game for me, sitting that long makes my back start hurting, so I had to keep getting up and moving around. Cori loved stealing Brian's seat in this picture.

Even though it was just Brian and I, the food is still my favorite part of the Super Bowl.
First, we had left over leg of lamb from yesterday, so Brian wanted to make some sandwiches out of the chopped meat. He wanted to make his own bread, and he did a great job making these Kaiser-like rolls from scratch. They were pretty fabulous, and made the sandwiches great.

Second-we had ham roll-ups, my family favorite. Nothing fancy this time, just ham and cream cheese rolled up together.
Third-we made my Grandma Knight's famous cheese dip. It was pretty close to hers, and was delicious.
The final dish we had were brownies... I thought that I was making these brownies, but it turned out that I made a box of the double-chocolate variety. Brian thought it was pretty hilarious b/c he doesn't like nuts in his brownies, but I do. And I didn't even realize we had two different boxes in the house.
We were going to make a cookie pizza for desert, but we were too full.