Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl :(

Like almost every Hoosier I know, I'm thoroughly disappointed that the Colts lost... I really did not see that happening.

It was a bit of a long game for me, sitting that long makes my back start hurting, so I had to keep getting up and moving around. Cori loved stealing Brian's seat in this picture.

Even though it was just Brian and I, the food is still my favorite part of the Super Bowl.
First, we had left over leg of lamb from yesterday, so Brian wanted to make some sandwiches out of the chopped meat. He wanted to make his own bread, and he did a great job making these Kaiser-like rolls from scratch. They were pretty fabulous, and made the sandwiches great.

Second-we had ham roll-ups, my family favorite. Nothing fancy this time, just ham and cream cheese rolled up together.
Third-we made my Grandma Knight's famous cheese dip. It was pretty close to hers, and was delicious.
The final dish we had were brownies... I thought that I was making these brownies, but it turned out that I made a box of the double-chocolate variety. Brian thought it was pretty hilarious b/c he doesn't like nuts in his brownies, but I do. And I didn't even realize we had two different boxes in the house.
We were going to make a cookie pizza for desert, but we were too full.

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