Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen & Indoor Snowball Fight Links

I cleaned out my art supplies area last night, and found out we have about 20 toilet paper rolls.  I think I can quit saving them for a while.  Since we don't have any snow here, but are stuck inside by the cold temps, we decided to make some snowman for inside.  This was a great little tutorial I found on www.CraftsbyCourtney.com, and we already had everything at home (except for white paint-that is going on the next shopping list).

Here are how ours turned out:

Theo loved helping glue all the buttons on and designing them.

We then kept the theme for a indoor snowball fight later with this activity from Toddler Approved.  Theo really still needs to work on identifying all his numbers, and this was a fun way to get him to do it.

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