Friday, January 17, 2014

Dale City Winter Farmers Market

One of the things I love about our area is the Dale City Farmers Market that I posted about back in June.  It is large, and a great place to go with Theodore to pick out fruits and veggies.  During the summer and into the fall they have just about every kind of vegetable you can think of, and a lot of fruit too.  I definitely think it is easier to cajole Theodore into eating veggies if he helps pick them out and pays for them.

The market cuts back on it's hours in the winter, but does continue.  We recently checked it out (but it is hard to get there between 10-1 since church starts at 10:30).

Most of the vendors at the winter market looked familiar from the normal summer/fall market.  There was actually a lone produce stand still going, where Theo picked some Granny Smith apples he wanted.  Several bakeries had wares as well (scones!), and there were two meat stands (though we don't buy any of their's since we get free meat from my father's barn).   Pickles, pizza, herbs, and cheese were also available, as well as a small stall with one of my favorites types of food, Middle Eastern (we bought some Feta Bites).
Can you tell he's excited?
One vendor that really excited Theodore whom we haven't saw before was Cakes by Shelby, or The Gingerbread Cookie House as Theo named it.  It was at the opposite end of the stands and it immediately became Theodore's sole focus as we walked toward it.  I'm surprised we could even get him to stop and pick out apples with the gingerbread house looming in the distance.  When we finally got there he was so excited and they did have some tasty (though a bit pricey) cupcakes.

All in all, while it is not going to be a place we go every week to get fresh produce, I do think the winter market holds enough of a selection to make it worth your time to go pick up a tasty breakfast or lunch and support the vendors who are willing to brave the cold.  Even though it's not too cold here in Virginia.

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