Monday, January 13, 2014

1st Baptism Anniversary

While my family is celebrating the big birth of another member yesterday (Natalie Ann, who I can't wait to meet in a couple of weeks-see a future post for more on her), I'm also reflecting on this day a year ago, as it was Elijah's baptism day.

Wanting to go ahead and get Elijah baptized in Delaware (his birth state) before we moved out, he was baptized on this day at a day past four months of age.  Like his brother, he wore the gown that grandma had made for her children.  It fit him better than it did his older brother.

As our last big event in Delaware, it was great to have my mother, Brian's parents, my sister Erin, friend Mariah, and Brian's grandfather out for the occasion.  As it turned out, Grandpa was at the beginning stages of his terminal cancer, so looking back at the baptism is bittersweet for us as it was the last time we saw Brian's grandpa strong and in good spirits.  The photos from this day are even more treasured because of this.


Family Photos

With Mariah

Eli with his cake from one of my favorite places, Bing's Bakery

And a few more of my favorite snapshots from the day...

 As I mentioned when Theodore was baptized, I never really thought I'd even baptize my infants, since I grew up in a church that waited until you chose to be baptized (normally in early adolescence), but I gradually grew accepting of this idea after learning more about it in college.  The grace that is part of the Lutheran tradition was not a big factor in my religious upbringing, but one I hope my boys understand.  I love all the things that Theodore is already learning in church (like recently how God put a light into his heart, so cute to hear him say), and I anticipate Elijah learning so much about God's love himself in the next few years.

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