Monday, April 22, 2013

Elijah: 7 Months

Elijah!  You are still such a sweet baby.  You aren't really moving a whole lot, but you sit up like a pro and will reach forward all the way until your tummy is on the ground.  You prefer the jumper for your exercise rather than crawling or rolling.  Some days you are quite chatty while other days you are more of an observer.

Weight:  about 20 pounds
Size:  Size 3 diapers, and I'm exclusively buying 12 month and up clothes now.  You still squeeze into smaller sizes.
Feeding:  Such a big month getting to eat new foods.  You like anything on a spoon, and will get impatient if we feed you to slow.  You have tried pureed:  carrots, pears, apples, squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, and peaches with your rice cereal.
Sleeping:  Someday you will be sleep trained.  Maybe when I'm not working and we're in our new house.  Until then you sleep with me at night, fall asleep in one of your grandparents arms, and nap best in the car seat while you are traveling all around Indiana.
Likes:  getting to really start playing in the bathtub, pulling everyone's hair
Dislikes: bumping your head

Another ABC Book Part 2

As I mentioned a while ago, I'm working on making Theo another ABC book, this time with verb based phrases for each letter.  With the more alliteration the better.  I snapped a few candid photos recently that I am sure will be included...

eXamining X-rays
Inspecting Insects
Hanging in a Hammock

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2013 Purchases

I lost one of my receipts, but this is as close as I can recall to what everything I bought for myself cost.  I was really into this pattern, Island Bloom.  Can you tell I've been craving a beach side vacation??  I decided that I still have a fall and spring pattern that I like, so this would be my summer one.  Next year I need to look for a winter pattern.
Frame Bag (Island Bloom):  $94.00 I think around $35
Clutch Wallet (Island Bloom):  $44.00 $20.00

Lunch Date:  $34.00 I think it was less than $20.00
Pencil Box Set:  $14.00  $4.99
Stationary Set:  ???

Cocktail Napkins:  $22.00 $5.99 each set of four (I got four sets)
Apron:  $28.00 $20.00

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2013 Experience

View from the "choosing floor".  When you enter, you immediately start down the aisles, bagging everything you think you may want.  Then at the end, you spread everything out on the floor to make your decisions before going to check out.  Your return the things you don't want to shopping carts throughout the area. 

A good thing about being in Indiana in the spring is the chance to go to the Vera Bradley Outlet sale.  My mother has gone for years now, sometimes getting tickets to go in the opening days, some years going several times.  This year, we were all pretty busy so we had to wait until the open session on Saturday to go.  We got there around 3:30 and it was busy but not too crowded.  There was still a pretty good selection.  Prices may have down a bit more on the last day of the sale, but I felt there were quite a few good deals there on the second to last day.

This time was special because it was little Maci's first time to get a VB.  She loves clothes and accessories already, so she was happy to look through the rows of VB items.  She was literally dancing through the aisles to the music, and did very well for being two years old and missing her nap.

We also took Eli.  He didn't get anything, and he slept throughout the whole event.  But, it was great that we had a stroller and a toddler because... we got expedited check-out!!!  I had no idea they did this, but apparently they let those of us with young children or guests with wheelchairs go through a separate (hidden) check-out.  I think tour groups also have a similar check-out.  It was great, we waited all of about 2 minutes and were at the counter!  After the several hour wait last time, this was unexpected and fabulous!  We will definitely be taking the babies with us in the future!

Got her purses (two of them-she knows you grab everything first and make decisions later).

A bag for pre-school in a couple more years.

Making her final choice.

Still in good moods after the short line!
There were quite a few new (to me) items that I thought were pretty neat.  There are now attache bags, that I would have to have if I were still teaching full time.  Perfect for taking papers back and forth to school in.  And the best was the contact lens case!!  I was super excited about this, but didn't find any in my patterns.  Will have to wait for an online sale or pay full price on this one.