Monday, April 22, 2013

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2013 Purchases

I lost one of my receipts, but this is as close as I can recall to what everything I bought for myself cost.  I was really into this pattern, Island Bloom.  Can you tell I've been craving a beach side vacation??  I decided that I still have a fall and spring pattern that I like, so this would be my summer one.  Next year I need to look for a winter pattern.
Frame Bag (Island Bloom):  $94.00 I think around $35
Clutch Wallet (Island Bloom):  $44.00 $20.00

Lunch Date:  $34.00 I think it was less than $20.00
Pencil Box Set:  $14.00  $4.99
Stationary Set:  ???

Cocktail Napkins:  $22.00 $5.99 each set of four (I got four sets)
Apron:  $28.00 $20.00

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