Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Third Time Around Update: End of Second Trimester Update

They always say the second trimester is the best, because you have more energy and aren't so uncomfortable yet.  I guess that is true for me.  I gave up my afternoon naps that I'd been enjoying first trimester, and did some serious nesting in terms of stocking up on supplies, reorganizing the house, and doing some proper organizing of household matters like finances and important documents.  I also got Theodore all ready for kindergarten (registration and info night) and it's killing me to not be able to go shopping and buy his school supplies.  I can't wait for that list to come out.  I just know I'm not going to be excited about shopping right before the baby comes, and school shopping is normally one of my favorite things.  His first day of school is 9 days after my due date.  Good planning on my part.

Ultrasounds:  We had our ultrasound over a month ago, and against my better judgment, we took the boys with us, and they were actually great.  Eli slept the whole time, and Theo was really into looking at the images on the screen, so it worked out great.  The baby spent a lot of time with it's hands near it's face, and moving it's lips.  It wouldn't show us all the angles needed though, so we had a quick follow-up ultrasound two weeks later, and everything looks good.  Brian started thinking maybe it's a girl, but I still figure it's another boy.  We'll see on delivery day. 

Exercise:  Though I didn't exercise nearly as much this trimester, I was able to do a 5k run/walk in about 6 minutes under my normal time.  As the weather improved, we upped our visits to parks and playgrounds (I now am asked to be a dragon, as my little knights guard their castles and bridges), and the boys both really got good at their tricycles so we could take more walks with them.

Achy:  I feel so much more achy this pregnancy though.  I'm blaming it on being over 30, because I don't remember nearly this much soreness with the last two.  Even though I was teaching full-time for those pregnancies.  And went into this pregnancy in better shape.  For several days my belly button hurt so bad I thought there was actually something wrong, and anytime I walk too much my pelvic floor hurts so much that I have to really rest up.  Thankfully, I'm not swelling yet (other than my fingers while taking long walks) and I haven't gotten any heartburn.  Yet.  We'll leave those for the last trimester.

Food:  I pretty much want to eat all the time.  But I have been gaining so much weight that it is freaking me out, especially after I had lost so much before getting pregnant.  I have craved a lot of potatoes, green beans (canned, not frozen or fresh), mall pretzels, tomatoes, pickles, Izze drinks, and SWEETS.  And I really crave our favorite restaurants:  I would get Mexican, Middle Eastern kabobs, Chinese or Peruvian chicken everyday if I could afford it.  I've got the glucose test coming up this week, and I'm hoping all is well in that area.

Big brothers:  Theo has decided we will name the baby Peacock, unless it's a girl, then he wants to name her Pea Hen.  He is really excited about this whole thing, and gives my belly more hugs and kisses than he gives me.  Elijah is convinced it is a brother for sure, and will listen to the heartbeat with his pretend stethoscope when he plays doctor.  He will also get the saw out of his toolbox and try to cut me open to get the baby out.  That sure freaked me out the first time.  He has been to more of my appointments with me than brother or dada, and understands how this whole repeat C-section thing will go.

And my weekly pictures, since my last post:

Left to right, top to bottom, starting at 21 weeks through 26 weeks.


Ashley Eddie said...

I love the second trimester, too! I had a lot of aches/pains with both of my pregnancies, so maybe it's a girl causing her mama trouble already ;) (when I asked Annalyn last night, she told me your tummy baby was a girl). I always blamed being on my feet so much for work, but who knows. Hopefully it will get better and not worse in the coming months. I bet it will come so quickly - summer always seems to fly by! Love the updates, hug the boys and pat the baby for me :)

Shannon E said...

Thanks, will do! Hoping you are right and we can blame this on an ornery daughter and not a crazy third born Eddie boy... :)