Friday, April 25, 2014

April Showers... bring Tulips! Burnside Farms

Over our lovely Easter weekend, we were out and about northwest of here, and decided to squeeze in a trip to Burnside Farms while we were in the area.  Our county is pretty big and varied here, so there are lots of places we still haven't visited within our county, and Haymarket is one (I love the name, makes me feel like we're in a more rural area than the suburbs). 

I first saw there was a "Holland in Haymarket" festival months ago and immediately put it on our calendar.  My great aunt visited there once and brought back the wooden shoes, and I remember always playing with them at her house when I was younger. 

Their main attraction for me was the tulips, though they also have daffodils in bloom this time of the year.  The stems are $1 each for tulips and 2/$1 for daffodils.  They are open Monday-Friday 10-6
Saturday and Sunday 9-6.  Under 12 months are free, otherwise it is $3 for a single day passport,
$5 for an unlimited re-entry passport for daffodils and tulips, or $6 for a full season passport giving you unlimited re-entry for daffodils, tulips and Dutch iris.  

Theo was really, really into cutting the flowers (we had to be sure to keep the scissors away from him) and of course Eli had to have his own basket to carry just like big brother.  I would definitely recommend the place, and perhaps we'll return and see what else Haymarket has to offer. 

We took home just about a dozen flowers, and (as expected) many, many photos:

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