Monday, April 14, 2014

A Peek at the Peak

I have always been in love with the cherry blossoms that surround the memorials at the National Mall since I learned about them when I was like 8.  When we moved to DE we began visiting during the blooming season, and made it each of the years 2009-2011.  Due to weather and travel, we haven't been to it in a few years so I was excited to pack up the boys and take the much shorter trek this weekend up to see the cherry blossoms during their peak bloom.  I know there are cherry blossom trees all over, but there is just something magical about seeing all the blossoms surrounding the iconic Washington images (Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial are my favorites). It was the hottest and latest visit ever for us, with the temperature topping 80 degrees, and the petals a swirl amid all the refreshing wind.  We were a little crazy to go on such a busy day, but we ditched the stroller to make walking and getting on the metro easier and just enjoyed the exercise walking completely around the tidal basin with our two little guys amid all the tourists.

Theo made a cherry blossom tree during craft time at school, so he was pretty excited about them too!

 This face!

Apparently wanting "more" of something.

Man he looks tall here.

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