Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Weekend (Jen and Diane)

My first cousin and Brian's first cousin conveniently scheduled their weddings for the same weekend, so we made our annual summer vacation to Indiana for the July 4th weekend so we could joyously take in both ceremonies.

Both were a lot of fun, catching up with most of our relatives and enjoying witnessing other people being brought into the "married people" club. Some of the pretty pictures:

Jen and Ben say their vows at an old country estate in South Charleston, Ohio, on July 3. (his two little girls are in blue).
Everything was simple, modern, and beautiful-nothing too fussy. I expected no less from Jen, who has really great taste.  I discovered this years ago when she hosted our bridal shower at her home. This was our table's centerpiece.
A beautiful selection of cakes. Brian and his siblings.
All of us.
Just us.
We stayed in Ohio for the night, after driving all morning to get there, and then ventured on to Indiana on Saturday.

Diane and Justin had their wedding on July 4th in Huntington, IN.
Their huge wedding party. 6 kids (under 13), 10 attendants
Leaving the church amid bubbles (and a little rain). Pretty cake, and lots of pretty lighting with the candles.

Me with Diane (I think she borrowed my veil-and it didn't fall off her :)

A quintessential picture of Justin.

Our family.

Brian and I. I made Brian do the dollar dance. This was the result. I don't think I'll make him do it again.  But I definitely hope we can make more cousin weddings in the future.

King Tutankhamun Exhibit (and other Indy treats)

So while we were home in July, we took in the King Tut exhibit at the Indy Children's Museum. We missed the exhibit when we were at the Field Museum in 2006, and were always disappointed about that, so we took the opportunity this time to see the Egyptian treasures.

For $25 we were slightly disappointed, we thought there would be a little better selection. Overall, it was interesting to see my anthropology and art history classes come to life in the information about the artifacts. There were lots of scarabs-which I hate for some reason. The canopic jars were interesting, as well as the sandals that were on the king's feet and the wrappings that were around his fingers.

I was most excited about seeing RUPERT from Survivor. It's been an random hobby of mine for the last six months or so to netflix old Survivor seasons and watch them. And of course Rupert is one of my favorite characters to watch. I was shocked when he walked right beside me when we were buying tickets for the exhibit. I didn't think it would take going to Indy to see someone famous!

We also tried a new place to eat in Indy while we were there, YATS. I'm not sure which location it was, but it was close to downtown. Brian's older brother Josh introduced us to this cajun/creole/southern/soul place. It was different, with a tiny menu, but pretty good stuff for a quick informal lunch. I think if we lived near there we'd like it as an occasional place. I had the white chili with chicken.