Thursday, May 21, 2015

Change is coming, Theo's First Graduation

I can almost smell the changes coming to our life. Since we moved to Virginia almost two years ago, we've had a pretty consistent life. During the school year, I walked Theo to preschool and Elijah rode in the stroller.  We ate dinner almost every night with dada around 7 o'clock.  Whatever we did between those times was up to us.  Saturdays were ours to do with however we pleased (other than a few scheduled soccer or T-ball games), and Sundays were spent in church and sometimes shopping at the farmer's market.

Then this happened today:

This school year, with Theo in school an extra day and Elijah being mature enough for more activities, and since we had a second car, we added a bit more to our schedule (and took naps out of the schedule, sadly).  But it still stayed the same for the most part.  We got to explore a lot more of our local area, go to book club at the library every Wednesday, and I could join Mops.  I am happy to say we were not busy most of the time.  And I'm okay with that.  We were just (trying to) living in the moment and trying to thrive, rather than survive a hectic schedule (as I'm sure will come back to us in time, as the boys get older).  This has actually been a very peaceful time in my life, compared to the decade previously.  

With his family on graduation day!
But big changes are coming this fall. Elijah will become potty trained (fingers crossed) and start preschool. The new baby will arrive and Theodore will begin kindergarten.  Instead of Elijah riding in the stroller to the preschool every other day, it will be the new one riding and Elijah will be walking alongside, holding the hand-hold, checking traffic with me and pushing the crosswalk button.  We are hoping the bus stop time is convenient so we can drop Theo at the bus stop on the way to preschool two days a week.  Since he could talk, every day Elijah would pop his head into Theodore's classroom and yell "bye bye bubba!" and it's going to be so strange to have him instead waving good-bye to Theo as he gets on the bus and then kissing his little brother/sister good-bye as he enters his own classroom. 

But, I try not to think about it yet.  I counted, and we've got 101 days of summer to get ready for all this.  And, we've got quite the summer bucket list to keep us busy.  Coming soon...

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