Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day #6

Since teacher appreciation week ran right before mother's day this year, the teachers who are mothers to their own children (on top of the 12-100+ students they have, who probably feel like their kids) must have really gotten spoiled this year.  I hope everyone was able to feel as appreciated as my last school always made me feel, and as my little gentlemen are learning to make me feel as their mother.  For our pre-school teachers,  I sent in a teacher interview sheet from here, gift cards, and these appetizers for the luncheon.  Pinterest had some great ideas for this week.

But getting back to Mother's Day, my mother's day blessings/gifts this sixth year of my motherhood included:

A sweet mother's day tea earlier in the week with just my oldest child.  I loved the special time with just him.  And the surprises they made, including a pretty vase with a "blue camouflaged" butterfly on it.  No matter how "girly" the craft, Theo still managed to keep his personality involved in it.  And, he decorated two butterfly cookies and gave me the bigger one because my belly is bigger.  So sweet.

Bacon for breakfast.

Finding the paper flower Eli made at book club this week, and hid from me.  For four days!  I even asked what craft they made and they kept it a secret from me (my children are getting crafting).

Buying the first strawberries of the season at the local farmer's market.  Always exciting.

Getting a brand new church!  Well, not new to us, but our church officially organized from a mission congregation to an ELCA one.  We're officially Lutheran members again!

Celebrating the 50th anniversary day of a special couple at our church.  Golden anniversaries are so beautiful.

Scheduling the last payment toward our SUV, we finally own a car again!!  That rear-ender really messed up our plans back in 2010, but at least we're back on track now.

A few successful potty attempts by Eli.

Watching my husband deal with all the glue, plastic wrap, and tape involved, but still getting to see the excitement over the solar oven my pre-schooler created.

Teaching my son how to juice a lemon.  And making our first pop-sickles of the season.

Spending time enjoying the kicks and swirls of my 25 weeks along baby moving around in my tummy while the boys ran to the store.

Salmon, asparagus, and red potatoes for dinner.  (Though Theo really wanted to make me toast and cereal all my himself.  Bless his heart.)

More pretty blooms on my balcony that the boys picked out together at the "man store".

And a beautiful "chalk board card" that they worked together to make.

And as much as I may yearn for a daughter, I know I'll be okay if this next little one is also a boy because my boys have hearts of gold and I'm so appreciative that I get to be their mama.  And as kindergarten looms ahead ready to steal all my time with him, I'm especially glad I got to spend these two years at home with Theodore enjoying the excitement and wonder of life that only a pre-schooler can have.  And Elijah has been an awesome youngest child, and I hope he is this good at being a middle child too.  And of course, I'm thankful for a good man-who-made-me-a-mother who orchestrated most of this wonderful day for me.

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