Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Update

2 Weeks to go!!

So, it's been a while since I've written any updates on this pregnancy. There's actually been a lot going on in the last two months. Here are some of my pregnancy related events:

Right now we are at about 38 weeks, and according to the doctors for the last couple of weeks I've been 75% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. I take that as a good sign that things are starting to get going. I've actually got another appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if I've had any changes.

My plan is to stop teaching on Feb. 23, whether the baby is here or not. It's the start of a new term, and I figured it would be good to just put a start date on my maternity leave. If I use all of my FMLA time, I'll need to go back for about the last two weeks of school (more if we keep getting snow days :( Right now, I'm counting down the school days left.

Mon. Feb. 8 -CANCELED
Tues. Feb. 9 - CANCELED
Wed. Feb. 10-regular day, plus parent teacher conferences all night
Thurs. Feb. 11- NO Kids in school, parent teacher conferences all day
Fri. Feb. 12- NO SCHOOL
Mon. Feb. 15- NO SCHOOL (President's Day)
Tues. Feb. 16 REGULAR DAY
Wed. Feb. 17 REGULAR DAY
Thurs. Feb. 18 REGULAR DAY
Fri. Feb. 19 LAST DAY!!!

We've started to get the nursery together a little bit. We mainly have the changing table area set up. We need to start working on getting some cool "sea" themed prints up on the walls.
Jan. 2, with Brian's cousin Jessica. She's due a little bit after me.
While we were home for the holidays, my mother took us to her hospital and ran a stress test on us so we could track the babies movements/heart rate in relation to mine. Her nurses also played with their ultrasound on me. We could see that the baby had hiccoughs at the time. I couldn't feel them, but I've been able to feel them since then. It is pretty cool.

I had showers on Dec. 26 (in Ohio) and Dec. 27 (in Indiana) and got a ton of stuff we needed for the baby. Ashley had a really cute posting, so I'll just direct you there for the photos of the Indiana shower.
Ashley's Link
I finally finished up most of my thank-you cards today... while doing so I got to thinking about how many aunts this baby is going to have. According to my calculations, when he is born he'll have... 5 aunts, 18 great aunts, 14 great-great aunts, and at least 6 great-great-great aunts!

I loved my super cute winter pajamas. I'm about 31 weeks here (and looking huge).

We also had an ultrasound mid-December, confirming he is still a boy. They calculated him to be about a week and a half too big at the time.

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