Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doc's Apt

Today is the date of our first due date. Our adjusted date is the 21st, but the 10th was our original one.

Yesterday, we had a check up. I'm still the same, and the baby is still really high! I don't see this baby coming for a while still. She also ran a quick ultrasound to make sure he is head down, which he is. Had me a little worried though.

I'm starting to feel the uncomfortableness... and sitting around for three snow days in a row isn't helping anything! I've had to start pacing the house since I don't have any shoes that will fit to walk out in the snow in. I'd rather be up moving than sitting too long, I get very stiff. But if I do too much, then I get pretty exhausted. And I'm not that comfortable sleeping anymore... I must have gotten up 5 times last night.

I just want the baby to go ahead and come soon. To give you an idea of what this little one might look like, I've included Brian and I's baby pictures.

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Strobels said...

How sweet!! Do you guys have any names yet?? I wish you the best of luck during labor!!-Heidi Jo