Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Pond State Campground, Catskills

One of the downers about Delaware is that we don't get a Fall Break (compared to the week or two that Arizona gets). However, this year we got a 4-day weekend for Columbus day due to furlough days that were originally professional development days. As soon as that schedule change was announced, we started planning for our annual autumn camping trip.

Brian has been wanting to get a little farther away, so we made New York the fifth state we've camped in by heading up toward the Catskills. Brian found a nice little campground called Little Pond State Campground, and reserved site number 3.

We left Saturday morning, and drove about four and a half hours to find the red and gold colors of fall in New York state.

Brian cooked great food all weekend, and kept a good fire to keep me warm. We went for a very, very long hike on Sunday, and paid for it with cramping legs in the cold tent in the middle of the night, but other than that it was pretty enjoyable. It was our first time camping with Cori, and she did a great job. It was pretty amusing when she whined to get in to the empty tent so she could take a nap on the blankets. We spent a lot of time enjoying our alone time, and talking about this little babe that is going to change our lives very, very soon.

The weekend went by way too quickly.

We stayed at Little Pond until the last seconds of our reservation, and then headed back home taking a more scenic route. We just used the atlas and the straightest lines possible, rather than the mapquest directions that got us there. We visited a few covered bridges, and found a good cafe to stop at for lunch, Chrissie's Corner Store in Matamoras, PA. Brian was dieing for coffee, and I had been wanting ice cream for days, so we spent a good hour looking for a place that would serve both. We finally stumbled across the Inside Scoop, where Brian was very excited to get teaberry ice cream. Apparently, he loves that flavor.

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