Friday, August 23, 2013

3 months old (or 3 1/2 years, actually)

So always hearing your brother's age described in months has led you to get a little confused.  Lately, you've been saying you are three months old instead of years.  But today, you are officially 3 and a half years old.  It was a pretty rainy, dreary day, but you still had fun running around the house, playing with your new mail truck, "training" Cori, and keeping your brother out of stuff.

You are at your cutest age for sure.  I thought I would try to come up with 42 things about you since you are 42 months old.  Let's see how this goes:

1.  You say the silliest things, like, "That is a mystery!"  "I probably need a little help."  And always, "Why?"  It is almost impossible to get through a book with you now (or a movie) because you ask a million questions about each picture you see.

2.  You "notice" many things now too.

3.  You've recently renewed your interested in your doll (Elizabeth) and stuffed animals.

4.  Napping is starting to happen much more infrequently.  You actually pretended to be asleep recently so you could go shopping with mama instead of to the park with daddy (it didn't work, but was still pretty cute).

5.  You want me to put James, Gordon, and Henry on the grocery list.  And probably Duck and Diesel too.

6.  You want to be a builder when you grow up.  You really would like to build Cori a dog house now.  The front should be blue, and the back green.

7.  You love a good hand stamp.  Or a sticker.  You'd cover yourself in them if we let you.

8.  One of your favorite times of the week is when the garbage man comes.  You can't believe they get to ride on the back of the truck like they do, and you sit outside on the step and watch as they collect our whole street.  At the grocery store you now like to ride on the cart like the garbage man.

9.  We are starting to get you to understand a little bit about money.  You normally hand the money to the sellers at the farmer's market, and you understand that daddy goes to work to get money.

10.  You get very excited for children's sermons or children's churches at the new churches we've been trying.  You run back to us and tell us what you learned (even if we could hear it).  We cross our fingers that you're not going to start talking or ask a million questions right in the middle of the message.

11.  You love Lucky Charms.  You eat all the marshmallows first, and save the cereal pieces for last.  Sometimes you put them in the fridge to eat later.

12.  You LOVE to be "the winner".  You're not a good listener, but it you get the chance to be the winner you will do anything we ask.  You have won:  getting in the car first, getting dressed first, going to the bathroom first, getting in the bathtub first, getting in bed at night, and picking up toys. Pretty much anything we need you to do.

13.  You still can't really make S, J, R, Th, Ch, or Sh sounds.  Which can makes it hard for people to understand when you say your name is Theo.

14.  You think "Boom" is a verb.  For example, "I am going to boom with this hammer!"

15.  You love to help daddy with his tools.  Putting up all the pictures in the new house is very exciting for you.

16.  Whenever Eli is asleep in the car, you hiss "SSSSHHHHH, you must be quiet" in as loud a whisper as possible.

17.  You are always careful.  Our recent trip to the ER for a concussion would prove that statement wrong, but every time we remind you to be careful you automatically respond with, "I'm always careful!"

18.  You sometimes want to be a grown up.

19.  Cracking eggs scares you.  You will crack them, but never will break them into the bowl for me.

20.  You are starting to get a little picky with your food.  For breakfast you like cereal, toast, or eggs.  For lunch you prefer a peanut butter and jam sandwich, but will take pasta.  For dinner you get whatever we are having, but a lot of time you won't eat much of it.  You do like helping blend up smoothies for your brother, so now you're getting a lot of fruit smoothies (fruit you otherwise won't bother with).  

21.  You are pretty good at puzzles.  You have done several 24 piece puzzles on your own.  We probably need to get bigger ones to see how far you can go.

22.  You are very excited to start nursery school soon.  It is just a quick walk across the street (and past the construction site).

23.  When walking on the sidewalk, you are probably better than most adults at listening to the pedestrian crosswalk signals.  You love to push the button to get the white crossing symbol to appear.

24.  You still think you can change a stop light if you blow on it.

25.  You recently learned that your pets will eventually die, and are very sad about that.  You LOVE Cori.  (I'm not sure you'd notice though if Kiki was gone.)

26.  You are very proud of your little brother.  You tell everyone you meet about him.

27.  We've been making plenty of boats from boxes recently.  You will push Eli around in his.

28.  You are good at watering the plants, though sometimes you get a little overdone and the whole yard gets sprayed.

29.  You typically eat breakfast out on the patio.

30.  One of your favorite new activities is playing with your tiny construction vehicles in a small box I filled with rocks.  It keeps you entertained for a long time.

31.  You still need help getting dressed.  We really need to work on this with you.

32.  You often call dada "Daddy-O".

33.  I just asked you to tell me something about you.  You said:  "Well, I'm pretty crazy.  And pretty bad too.  I'm bad whenever I hit my baby.  I do hit my baby sometimes."  (Baby=Eli)

34.  Then I asked you for something nice about yourself, and you said:  "Well, I, I can make a hammock."

35.  You seem very random at times, but everything you say or do has a connection to something else (a book, what you saw on Sesame Street, something that happened at the museum the day before).

36.  Your favorite shows are Sesame Street (Grover 2.0), Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and Word World.  Mainly because these are the only ones I really let you watch right now.  We don't have cable again, so PBS is about all you see.

37.  Almost anything can be solved by a cowboy band-aide.

And the easy ones.

38.  You have dark brown hair (never has lightened in the summer).

39.  You have beautiful dark brown eyes.

40.  You are 46 pounds.

41.  You are 40 inches tall.

42.  And you are loved, greatly. 

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