Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Frozen Yogurt Melts: Healthy Baby/Toddler/Pre-schooler Breakfast/Snack/Dessert

After puffs/cheerios, the most popular snack for my babies seems to be freeze-dried yogurt melts.  We have always bought these at the store, and they are a little expensive for the amount you get in a package.  I saw on pinterest some ideas for making your own, so I jumped on the bandwagon and did so.

Though not as convenient as the freeze-dried kind (my scientist husband thinks we should figure out a way to freeze dry them ourselves), these frozen treats were a pretty good snack for baby and big brother.  Maybe the coldness of them will even be helpful soothing his still-toothless gums.

Remember these are frozen though, and not freeze dried, so they melt quickly.  I like to give them to Eli one at a time when he is in his high chair watching me cook dinner.  And Theo always wants one (but takes two) whenever I get them out of the freezer.

I wanted to just use up some of the fruit on hand, so I chose strawberries (which makes for pretty pictures), blueberries, and champagne grapes.  Though they don't give you a very nice color when finished, the grapes still taste great.  (Side note: We recently bought a huge pack of these tiny grapes at Costco and realized they are great for baby because we can pull them so easily off the vine and they are small enough we don't even have to cut them in half.) The yogurt was regular fat free because that was what we had, but Greek would probably work better.  

*After doing this, I saw someone use a medical syringe to pour the yogurt onto the cookie sheet.  Genius!*


Ashley said...

I have a spare surgical syringe..or three.....if you want it I can mail it to you. Andy's mom gave them to us for Christmas.

Shannon E said...

I'll take it! :)