Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Sochi Olympics (Indoor Play)

 After seeing an idea for strapping some pop-sickle sticks (skis) on some little people and creating a ski jump competition, I was all about setting up some Olympic play activities for the boys.  Making an ice rink was pretty simple, I just popped a pan of water in the freezer.  But making a skeleton/luge track was going to be a little more work.  Luckily I have been saving empty wrapping paper tubes for a while now, and with a little painter's tape I was able to set this up for the boys.  The only thing small enough to fit down the track are counter bears, but they don't seem to mind.

 We also did some sensory play with a bowl of snow this week.  It was pretty awesome how long they were interested in this, and Theo even did some investigations with salt and snow.  I'm thinking I should put a few extra bowls in our deep freezer before it all melts.  It would be awesome to pull out in July.

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