Thursday, February 13, 2014

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs

We recently hit up the dinosaur exhibit when we were headed to DC to drop Brian off at the airport.  I'm not going to put any helpful hints about visiting the exhibit with pre-schoolers in this post, because the exhibit is going away!  For a long time.  They are taking years to remodel it, so there's a good chance we'll have moved again by the time the exhibit is reopened in 2019!  To think they'll be 7 and 9 by then.  

Q?rius Jr (the new name of the discovery room I mentioned here) was our first stop, as always, and then we headed on to see the dinosaurs and the hall of paleobiology.  Theodore was going to be studying these in school following our visit, so I thought this would be good pre-experience for him.  Other than occassionally catching "The Dinosaur Train" show, he hasn't had much dinosaur experience yet.  Eli had a great time at the museum, but Theo was being a bit of a grumpy three-year-old.  I did want to share this photo of Elijah who loved the walls with the different prehistoric landscapes.  How grown does he look there?

We did get a quick pic in front of a plate-a-saur stegosaurus (as Theo can now identify for you/me), despite the huge crowd of people there on the first warm weekend in a while.  I have to say I prefer going to the museum on the weekdays for sure.  And, sans stroller!  It was the first time we've taken Eli on an excursion of this kind without a stroller, and he did great.

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