Friday, February 14, 2014


May 2006, Scottsdale, AZ

I've always had a thing for this design, I think partly because the artist is Robert Indiana, a man who bears my home state as his family name.  When we lived in AZ we happened upon a statue of this near one of our favorite restaurants, Los Olivos, in Scottsdale.  As we are heading into this last stretch of winter, I crave the warm/hot/blistering days we spent there, and remember them fondly.

Brian even decided to finally "officially" propose to me at the statue in 2006, so I thought this idea would make for a cute Valentine's Day card from my two boys eight years later!  Maybe someday soon we'll be able to retake this photo with them in Scottsdale.

*Please don't mention I forgot to slant the "O".  My husband already pointed that out.  I still love their little grins though.*

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Ashley said...

There is one at the indianapolis museum of art might be a little easier to get to....and it's on the grounds so you don't have to pay to enter