Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthday Girls! Baby Doll Sling, Diapers; Tea Crown and Pretend Teabags

So we are on a great schedule now.  Though it is sad that Elijah is down to just one nap a day now, it works out great when that nap is from 12:30 to 3:30 when Theodore is at school.  I'm allowed two to three hours of mama time that has been used lately in my "new" sewing room/office/craft room.  I really disliked this room when we first moved in, but I've finally gotten it all organized and it is now my favorite place in the house.

Inspiration and computer station on the left, sewing desk on the right.

The closet is packed full, with all sorts of crafty supplies, fabric, and tools.  I decided to use a bunch of glass jars I had to organize my materials slightly.  And the bags from Ikea were helpful in organizing extra fabric and all my "recyclables" that we keep for projects.
The striped box contains all of my stationary and different types of paper.  The boys craft materials and busy bags are housed in here as well.  Above the desk are some bulletin board areas where I post reminders, inspirations, Theo's homework, and announcements.

This wall is still blank, save for a temporary family tree print off.  I'm planning to hang some of my favorite old (50 years +) family photos here.  The bottom row of the bookshelf is full of my genealogy research.  Both of the wicker boxes here are stuffed full of fabric, with each kind wound carefully around a piece of cardboard to keep it all neat.

After Natalie's quilt was finished up, I got to work on birthday presents for two of my other nieces.

For Annalyn, who turns two, and is about to be a big sister in a few months, I picked some accessories for her baby doll so she can get some practice in.  The tutorial from Little Giggler for this sling worked out great, and the idea for baby diapers from Make It and Love it was perfect.  I may have to make some extras of these as my boys have always loved diapering their dolls and stuffed animals.

For Maci, who is now three, I gained inspiration from her recent tea parties with dinosaurs and grandmas.  I decided to make some of the cute little teabags that I've saw on pinterest.  And, of course, she needs a princess crown for when she is playing tea party, so I added that as well. Click on any of the links above for tutorials!

For the teabags, I basically just used pinking shears to cut out small squares and hexagonal pieces of fabric in the shape of a tea bag, and sewed them together adding a bit of stuffing inside and a bit of twine to connect the two pieces.

What has mama done to me now?
  Hoping they love them, and that their mamas send me photos since Eli wasn't the most happy model.


Ashley Eddie said...

Thank you so much! These are the cutest things ever. Annalyn instantly made us try all the diapers on her baby and wanted to try the sling on, but wasn't so sure about actually carrying the baby in it. Willing to bet that when her baby sister is being "worn" by Mama she will be super eager to use it though! Such a sweet idea :)

Shannon E said...

So glad she likes them! I thought that might be her reaction to the sling, but hopefully she'll catch on to it eventually. You might have to pick out some ideas for some busy bags that you think she'd be ready for about the time the baby comes so I can work on her big sister present. Check my pinterest if you want to.