Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busy Bag: Pompom Push

So, right before Eli was born, I finally got serious about making Theodore some "busy bags".  Through blogs and pinterest I found hundreds of idea, and narrowed it down to the easy, cheap ones I could make for Theo.  This was one of the first I made, and a really simple one that many online moms have suggested.  Even though he was two when I made it, it kept him interested for quite a while.  I'm sure younger kids (once they stop putting everything in their mouths) would like this as well.

Materials:  pompoms (I used a bag with all sorts of different sizes), container with lid

Assembly:  simply poke a hole (or several different sized ones!) in the lid of the container. 

Activity:  toddlers can work to poke all the holes through the lid.  When done, empty, and repeat!

He loved pushing pompoms at 2.5 years old.
 He still asks to do his "pompoms" every now and then, but now he will use them for other purposes as well. 
Still a favorite "busy bag", at almost 3 years old the poms have been repurposed in bulldozer play. 


Ashley Eddie said...

I love all these great ideas! Please keep them coming :)

Shannon E said...

I will! I've got a ton already made, and lots more in the planning. I have lots of extra materials, so if you want to request any when you think Annalyn would be ready for them, let me know!

Ashley Eddie said...

That would be great!! I can't wait for that stage... every new one seems to be my favorite so far :)