Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monthly Picture Outtakes

So, I've been trying to take a photo each month of Eli and Theo together.  Sometimes in matching/coordinating clothes, but not necessarily.  Just something cute.  It's getting a little hard each month.  This time, between Eli chewing on his hand (and shirt), and Theo just being plain ornery, we were barely able to get a passable picture.  But, it was the first good snow we've had this season, and I wanted to showcase their cute new shirts, so even with two timeouts we made it work.  I put the good one on facebook, but wanted to share some outtakes here.
Feet in the air.
 "Tickling" each other.
 Theo was being a bad influence.

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Ashley Eddie said...

AWWW! I like these even better than the cute one on facebook! :) So sweet to see them playing together.