Saturday, January 12, 2013

Elijah: 4 months

Jan. 12, 2013

So naturally, on your four-month birthday you awoke me at 4 AM for a feeding.  While normally, I can fall right back asleep after this, today was a struggle.  So, I am writing your letter to you today on time! 

Your infant stage is far behind, as you continue to grow quickly.  You are trying to sit up on your own, and can sit for long periods in the bumbo.  Dada let you try the jumper this month, and you had a great time twirling in there.  A tooth could be coming soon, because you are constantly drooling and chewing on whatever you can find.  Your only real problem seems to be dry skin, and we are trying to fix that.

I can't wait until a week from now, when I will again be a stay-at-home mama with you, and be able to spend all day watching you grow.

Weight:  17 pounds
Length:   26.25 inches
Size:  Same as last month!
Feeding:  Pretty much the same as last month.  During the day you like to eat every three to four hours.
Sleeping:  Last night you slept from 10-4 before waking up to eat, and have been sleeping since 4 as well.  Naps come and go during the day.
Likes:  grandmas, chewing on things, toys
Dislikes:  being hungry, tummy time
*You giggled today!  Grandma found your ticklish spot (your neck!).  It was the sweetest sound!*

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