Sunday, January 20, 2013

Delaware Bucket List: DogTown

After we packed up my classroom, we decided to check one place off of our Delaware bucket list.  We aren't really sure how much longer it will take before we make the official move to DC, but hopefully Brian will start commuting before we have made the physical move.

 But back to the bucket list.  Though I taught in a school very near Middletown, DE, I haven't been to very many places in the actual town.  One that I have driven by numerous times and always wondered about is DogTown Hot Dogs.  Located right on the busiest corner in the town, in the quaintly redone "downtown" area, this little place is small enough to contain Theo.  It was pretty packed for a Sunday afternoon, so we chose a high table rather than putting Theo in a high chair (though they had two). 

Their menu features many different styles of hot-dogs, and a few other things, see at left.

I really liked that their kids menu actually had different size items, rather than all one size.  Most of the time the kids meals are too big for Theo, and too expensive for what he'll actually eat.  I appreciated that the meals were smaller and cheaper for toddlers.  The best part was that the hot dog was already cut into bite size pieces in the " Little Toddler " meal!  Add some ketchup and he was ready to eat.  They also have JUICE BOXES!  One of Theo's favorite thing on earth (thanks to Chipotle). 

I enjoyed my No-Dog burger that was on a great not-soggy yet not too thick bun, and the fries were crispy with an almost breaded taste, plus a side of cheese. 

Brian enjoyed a Miami Dream and Fly' N Hawaiian dog on this January coat-less day, and Old Bay tater tots.  Only in the Delmarva region can you get Old Bay on just about anything. 

But Theo's favorite part was the "Big Dog" statue! 

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