Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another ABC Book

We have really enjoyed reading the alphabet book that I made for Theo.  At the time I made it, he was starting to really blossom with speaking, saying lots of words.  He can read every word in the book, which is what makes it so fun to read.  Since he wasn't really saying a lot of phrases at the time, I chose to make most of the letter's stand for one word nouns (17 of them), and only added phrases for a few special letters that included his cousins (kissing Kyen, hugging Annalyn, reading with Maci, napping with Aydan and Picnicking with Chloe). 

I'm in the mood to make another book already, this time using "ing" phrases, with as much alliteration as possible.  I started looking for recent pictures that could work, and am already running into a problem... mainly that everything starts with "P".  I can't decide which is my favorite.

Patting Pepper
 Piecing a Puzzle with (Grand)Pa
 Posing with a Pumpkin
 Pulling with a Puppy

This one probably won't be ready for a while (X may be a problem this time), but it's going to be fun to create.

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