Monday, February 24, 2014

To Theo @ 4

About 37 months old.
 Yesterday was the big 0-4.  We had a great day taking you to church and sharing cupcakes during fellowship time, riding the train into the city and exploring the gardens and museums, and having pizza, cake, and gifts for super.  You were very excited your grandparents were here to spend the day with you.  Next year we may try and have your first friend party, but I'd hate to have to share you with lots of other kids on your special day.  

About 38 months old.
 This past year you have really come into your own.  Your world is expanding so rapidly. For your first three years on earth, your days were spent primarily within our house with either mama, dada, or a sitter (other than a few months in three-days-a-week day care back when you were just two).  That has all changed in the last year.

About 39 months old.
About 40 months old.
Just a few days after your birthday, we packed up your first home in Delaware and headed to Indiana for a few months before moving officially to Virginia.  You loved all the time in Indiana with cousins, grandparents, and new friends.  You started attending Sunday School, and loved all the new museums, zoos, and places we explored.  You did well during this transition period that was filled with activity but also uncertainty.

About 41 months old.
When we got to our new house in Virginia, you started a soccer league, joined a new church with lots of kids, and started pre-school three afternoons a week.  You have your own little world now, and I love peeking in on it and seeing how you interact with all these other kids.  You are very sweet, playful, and friendly.  You have lots to chatter about, and are always good for a laugh.  For a while your favorite thing to do was being one of the three little pigs, while dada/mama/your teachers would be the big bad wolf.  This has been played at many different playgrounds.

About 42 months old.
I love taking you places to learn and explore, as your personality really comes out when you enjoy yourself learning.  You thrive in structured environments where you listen to science demonstrations, interact with zoologists giving animal talks, participating in story time, or watch a live puppet show.  At home you still can spend hours with train tracks, duplos, or building forts in the living room.  You also love arts and crafts and projects.  And of course your shows-which are current the PBS morning line up.  You'd watch Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why, and Thomas and Friends every day if we let you. 

About 43 months old.
 Also at this age, I will remember that you don't always nap now, but when you do it will be for hours and it is almost impossible to wake you.  You hate baths, until your hair is finished being washed then you want to stay in and play forever.  You would wear pajamas everyday if we let you.  And you are sometimes picky with food.  You love riding in car carts at the grocery stores, and have started riding your little scooter on our walks to school.  You are mostly a great big brother, and you also take care of Cori by feeding her everyday.

About 44 months old.
And even though you are all boy in your interests and favorites, you have a gentleness about you.  You give hugs to your classmates when you leave school, you sometimes think your brother is in an "enchanted sleep" so you give him kisses to wake him, and you are convinced that Humpty-Dumpty can indeed be put back together with enough band-aids and some help from the hospital.  You love your family and friends and love making people happy.

About 45 months old.
You're starting to learn your abilities, and are sad that you haven't been able to score a soccer goal or run as fast as other kids, but you believe if you practice you will get better.  You are smart.  You're just like your dada, struggling with speech, but you're able to tell me all the letter sounds (even multiple sounds, like for letter c) and are on the brink of sounding out words (we don't push it, but I'm watching you closely to see when you are ready).  And you absolutely cannot go to sleep without a story.  Sometimes you will fall asleep on the couch, but when we move you to your bed you will wake right up and ask for a story. 

About 46 months old.
I think I could write a million more sentences starting with "you", but hopefully this is enough to help me remember this special year of childhood and for you to get a glimpse of yourself as a child when you read this years down the road.  Last year I said 2-3 was all about gaining language for you, it looks like 3-4 was all about becoming social.  I suspect I might know what 4-5 is going to be all about, but I'm excited to find out with you.

About 47 month old.
Here you are at 4 years old!

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