Saturday, February 15, 2014

Almost Four, Definitions (Things Kids Say)

Despite being "question boy" as Theo calls himself, (with now infamous questions like, "What is that?"  Ginger Ale.  "Why?") he is now full of answers too.  Lately, whenever he uses an interesting word, I ask him what it means.  I love the definitions he gives me.  Here are some I've jotted down over the last couple months.  I'd hoped to get more, but I think these are enough to remind me of this precious age/phase.
  1. Promise:  My dad read in my Thomas book that Percy told Thomas that, "A promise is a promise."  (This one, a personal favorite, is one I overheard at chapel talk at pre-school.)
  2. Journey:  When you go outside.
  3. Horrible:  Very, very bad.
  4. Example:  You don’t know what somebody else made, and you know what they made.
  5. Hopeless:  You can’t do something on your own and you need help from somebody else.
  6. Tricky:  Something hard.
  7. Evaporated:  To go up in the air.
  8. Capture:  You want somebody trapped.
I might add a few more definitions in the next couple months as he says them...  here's some:
  1. Ingredients:  They are something that go in a big pot.  (2-27-2014)

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