Sunday, February 16, 2014

Local & Not So Local Favorites: Mom's Apple Pie Bakery & Julian Pie Company

While Brian's main Valentine's Day treat was a couple dozen molasses cookies, I wanted to follow that up with a good excuse to try out a nearby pie shop.  We finally headed over to Occoquan to have a bite at Mom's Apple Pie Bakery there.

In a town with limited parking, this locale is blessed with a corner lot with lots of parking, making it easy for a quick stop.

We headed there on a Sunday afternoon, and were tempted by not only pie packaged by the slice or by the whole pie, but also baked goods, jars of candy and gelato.  There is also a great selection of drinks, from specialty sodas to milk.  Or, you can step into the wine shop section of the store for beer or wine (or cheese).

Definitely somewhere we can add to our list of local favorites.

Though they are about 2700 miles apart, this visit brought to mind our favorite pie shop, Julian Pie Company in Julian, California.  I think we discovered this pie shop from a suggested itenerary we found in the front of an atlas, almost ten years ago! It wasn't quite the same feeling to sit outside sharing pie with our two little boys in the Virginia cold, but Brian may have enjoyed his coffee more this time.

Back in the fall of 2005, during our second visit.

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