Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Elijah: 9 months

Three-quarters of a year is a big one, and it's hitting me hard.  I know soon you'll be tottering around and getting into everything.  And have a mouth full of teeth to eat all sorts of food.  But right now I'm basking in your late-to-get-teeth stage, and almost-crawling-but-just-not-getting-it stage.  You may have entered the attachment-to-mama stage in just the last few days, but this month has been full of big smiles, playing with lots of toys, and getting passed around to lots of people  

Weight:  ??? Scale is still in storage, no doc apt until next week.
Size:  same
Feeding:  Thankful I was able to finish pumping this month.  It's not my favorite thing to do during my lunch break, but you needed a bottle once a day while I worked.  We finally started you on puffs, bits of bread, and fresh sweet potato and diced potatoes.  You love using your pinchers to eat.
Sleeping:  Starting to nap a little longer on warm days.
Likes:  dumping toys from his blue basket
Dislikes:  being a little constipated

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