Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three and a quarter years old phrases

Despite a later start in talking, Theo is quite the chatterbox now.  I  crack up at all the phrases he uses nowadays (and have to be careful with the ones I use).  These are some of the more common ones:

Affectionate Phrases:
"Mama you are my mama!  I love you so much."
"Oh, I will never ever see Eli again!"  (when separated for a few hours)
"I'm never going to get rid of Eli/you/whatever-he-loves-at-the-moment"
"I love grandma's big green van/b.s.v."
 "He/She is so sweet!"
"You're my best friend ever!"

"Good morning, the sun is up!"
"Oh, I don't want to take a rest."
"Dada is getting our new house ready."
"Did you say...?"
"Never, ever, ever, ever..."
"Don't worry..."
"... by my own."
"Hot air do go inside."

And the frustrating phrase:
"I'm always careful/[Insert direct object of request here]!"

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