Friday, June 7, 2013

Ring Bearer, 2nd Time Around (3 1/4 years old)

Despite a rehearsal that looked like this...

A very long car ride leads to a grumpy boy in the evening.

Theo did a great job being a ring bearer for his second time in the last 11 months.  As long as he has a pretty girl to lead him around and tell him what to do he does fine.  And this time it only took two suckers to keep him quiet throughout the wedding ceremony.

He kind of loves the spotlight.  I'm not sure where he gets it from.

This time his job included carrying a very important box...
and wearing a sign.  The front said "Here comes the bride", and we switched it around to send him back down the aisle.

 As you can see, he enjoyed the evening.

Where did the girls go?
Found her.

All he talked about before the wedding was dancing with Chloe.

He even caught the garter... but he better not leave his mama for another woman for a long, long time.

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