Friday, June 28, 2013

Cowboy in Training

Theo loved being on the farm all spring.  Everything was about being a cowboy.  Every hat with a brim was a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots were very important to life.  When I asked if he wanted to ride a pony at the zoo, he was concerned he could not because he did have his cowboy hat.  Now every outchy gets a piece of tape since his uncle taught him that is a "cowboy band-aid".  By the time we left he finally perfected his "Yee-haw" which originally had a Japanese accent when he said it, but now sounds more Midwestern. 

Theo really liked seeing his brother pretend to be a cowboy at the museum.  I think these two pictures show the big difference in Elijah from when we first got to Indiana and when we left.  He is growing so fast!

Early March

Early June

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