Saturday, June 8, 2013

100 Days in Indiana

Give or take.  Technically, we spent some days in Illinois and some in Ohio, but this is now the 100th day since we left our Delaware apartment.  Buying a house has not worked out, so we are set up (almost) to start renting a townhouse next week.  It will be fine, but it's frustrating to have to pay so much in rent rather than putting equity into a house.

Back when I was having Eli in September, I never would have guessed that it would take 9 months to get him into his own room.  This whole transition from grad school to real world has not gone at all like I thought it would, but it has been nice being in my hometown for the spring.

Since I found a maternity leave opening in my old school here, I spent about half of the days working which was good to help my sanity.  Other events in the 100 days included:
  • 2 visits to the Fort Wayne Zoo
  • 1 visit to the Indianapolis Zoo
  • 1 visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo
  • 1 visit to Navy Pier
  • 1 visit to the Muncie Children's Museum (hoping to get one more next week)
  • 5 birthdays celebrations (late one for Theo, Mariah, my sister, Liam,and my mom)
  • 1 funeral
  • 2 viewings
  • 1 wedding
  • Easter (+ several egg hunts)
  • 1 visit to Aunt Sue's Tearoom
  • 1 time sledding down the hill at the Knight-Bergman Center
  • 1 time swimming at the YMCA pool in Wabash
  • 1 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale
  • Several trips to Memorial Park in Huntington
  • 1 visit to Grissom Air Force Base (just Theo)
  • Several meals at East of Chicago
  • 1 baseball game and several trips to Tower Park in Warren
And lots, and lots of time for the kids with our friends, cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Small town living really isn't bad.  It took some time getting used to driving around here where most everyone nods and waves when you drive past, you run into lots of people you know at Dollar General, and you can name most of the people at your new job before you even start.  I will definitely miss the intimacy of living here when we move out to Woodbridge, Virginia next week.  But, it will be good for the boys to be back with their dad and me to be back in my own kitchen. 

Though I will keep the name 2304miles, we will now be (driving distance):
  • 128 miles from our church family and work colleagues and friends in Delaware
  • 624 miles from my hometown and most of our immediate family
  • 2270 miles from our first apartment and college stomping grounds of Tempe
  • 4174 miles from my oldest sister in Alaska
Look for new posts about my children and I exploring our new town.

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