Monday, December 8, 2014

Advent Calendar for a Pre-Schooler: Week 2 and Week 1 Update

It's starting to get close!  The rainy weather around here is kind of putting a damper on our activities, but I guess it's better than deep, deep snow.  Here's what we're up to this week:

Week 2

Update on Week 1
ZooLights:  Despite the intermittent rain after a 70 degree day, we actually had a great time at the National Zoo's ZooLights.  We went during members free days, and got to use coupons and free parking worth about $44 plus a discount at the gift shop.  It's half the reason we pay for a yearly membership that allows free parking every visit.  We did get to ride the train this year, but despite Theo being past the 36 inch height requirement, we did not try the zoo tubing since it was so wet.  Elijah of course requested "more" of the carousel, and was requesting the "choo choo" all the way up the hill as we walked to the visitor center to see the indoor display of trains.  Our little builder, Theo, enjoyed evaluating all the gingerbread panda homes that were on display.  A tip for others visiting would just be to bring your own thermos of hot coffee and treats if you want them.  We paid $4.50 for ONE sugar cookie!  (Here's a link to when we went last year for more info on the event.)

PJ Donation:  As I've mentioned, I LOVE Scholastic book orders, and this year our pre-school partnered with them to collect pajamas and books for needy kids with their annual Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive.  We donate new pajamas and Scholastic matches it with a book.  It is a good program, and Theo struggles with the idea of giving things away (he worries that then we won't have those things to use), so I'm trying to involve him in this in different ways.  He collected food at a local grocery store with our church before Thanksgiving, and he's starting to get the idea that we can be generous and still have what we need.

Tiny Tots Concert:  Brian took the morning off to take Theodore to his field trip to the annual concert put on for pre-schoolers.  Theodore is still talking about the Superman song, and seeing Elsa sing.  (Here's a link to when we went last year for more info on the event.)

Angel Tree Shopping:  Our church is donating gifts to local foster kids as part of an angel tree project.  We picked a two year old boy who wanted anything train related.  I figured we are kind of experts on that, and hope our little guy loves his gift. 

Reindeer Run and Winterfest:  See link for the Reindeer Run & Romp

Puppet Show:  We all went to the library for another puppet show, featuring classical toys on strings.  The boys always crack up at these performances (though I'd rather be reading a book :).

Week 1 Calendar Link

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