Thursday, December 25, 2014

#TBT: Annual Christmas Photo, His Side

While my family traditionally does a morning-of Christmas photo with us normally in pajamas after opening gifts, we are normally a little more spiffed up and presentable for Brian's family photo.  When we first started dating the picture was normally just of the kids, but we've added Brian's parents to the photo in recent years which is nice to have entire family shots.  Unfortunately, this year we didn't manage to get the whole family together at the same time, but I had the photos all ready to go and wanted to go ahead and post this one anyway.

2013:  (First Christmas after Josh and Ravelle were married)
2012:  (First Christmas after Aaron and Emily were married, firsts for Annalyn and Elijah.  Taken in Ohio at cousin Elle's wedding.)

2010:  (First Christmas for Theodore)
2009:  (Taken at Grandpa's house in Ohio)
2008:  :(  Can't find one.  Maybe someone else has this one?

2006:  (First Christmas after we got married, and Mike and Ashley were married)  Closest thing I could find, Thanksgiving at Uncle Clint's.

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