Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Advent Calendar for a Preschooler: Week 4 Update

While my husband is big on celebrating Christmas through epiphany (or Little Christmas, as Theo has grown fond of calling it), let's admit that life is about to go back to normal when we head back East tonight.  Our tree will probably have to come down due to the lack of watering for a week, and Theo will only have a few more days until he returns to school.  His break sure went fast this year, and Christmas was once again a special time of traditions, family, reflection, and celebration.  We had a couple last activities this week to finish up.

Gingerbread Houses:  After driving all night, we got in on Christmas Eve and wanted to see my nieces right away, so my sister helped me get them over to grandma's house while their mom worked.  We needed Maci to help us build the gingerbread houses we've started building every year.  The kids actually did a lot more this year on theirs, though Eli was mostly into just eating all the candy still.  Maci looked like a pro with the icing bag, and Theodore designed his with important builder concepts in mind.

Walkway of Lights:  A lot of years we do this on New Year's Eve, but we moved it up and did it on a Sunday night this year.  We had to wake the boys up despite it being only 7pm, but once they were awake they enjoyed the lights as always.  Theodore narrated just about every display he saw.  This year they decided to only start the lights by the bridge, which made them a bit more squished together but would make it possible to actually walk through them all (though we drove).  Normally during the hours we go, a donation is requested, but this night it was a specific $5 fee (with a sticker to come back any time).

We actually decorated some more cookies, but I didn't get any of those photos yet.

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