Thursday, June 12, 2014

Elijah: 21 months

21 months

Naptime:  I'm starting this post while you are napping in your crib!  Finally.  After living in Virginia for almost a year, you have maybe slept in your crib for nap time 5 times.  You didn't mind it at night, but just would not take a nap without lots and lots of crying.  So, you napped in your stroller for the last year.  Once school was out though and we weren't walking at nap time every other day, we had a few days of you crying at naptime but you're finally okay with napping in there.  It is a big change for us. Lately we've been reading Little Blue Truck, the Hungry Caterpillar, and Llama Llama, Good Night at naptime.  You give the llama a kiss on the last page and then I put you into bed.  A few minutes later you are out.

Attached:  You are definitely struggling right now with wanting to be independent but also being very attached to mama.  We just got back from a long trip where you were not willing to be seperated from either of your parents for long.  You did warm up to your E grandparents, and anyone who looked like daddy, but that was about it.  You broke some hearts I'm afraid.  But, you really like babies, toddlers, and little kids so at least you're friendly with your cousins.  You love playing with Theo's friends almost more than he does, and never want to be left behind.

Words:  You picked up a few more signs this month, but still no new words.  You say mama and dada, sign more and please, and can indicate yes, no, up, and bye.  That's it.  I think it's all going to spill out one day, but until then you're stubbornly refusing to try to talk.

Teeth:  These last months also brought your canines, which seemed to be some of the worst teeth to come up.

Other Likes:  Walking the dog with her leash, electronics, cats (any animals really), babies, berries, watering flowers, pointing out airplanes as they fly by, puzzles, washing dishes in the sink, and Elmo & Corduroy.

 18.5 months
 19 months
 19.5 months
 20 months

20.5 months

You're definitely leaving babyhood behind, and becoming a big boy.

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