Thursday, June 12, 2014

Miss Emelina Mae's Quilt

After making my first baby quilt earlier this year, I was excited to make another for my second second-born niece born this year.  Like myself, Emelina is born into the role of being a little sister to a sister just about 27 months older than herself.  I wish her luck in her teen years. 

For her quilt, I kept changing my mind but finally decided upon the deep lilacs of the Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 for Free Spirit collection.  I love the purples and blues of this collection, and thought the details in the prints were perfect for a little girl.  When deciding on the pattern for the quilt, I think the dormant math teacher in me came out as I kept coming back to this arithmetic pattern (found here).  I love lots of squares on baby quilts, and couldn't resist all the plus-signs made on this one.

I think I received the material in the mail two days before she was born, and was able to finish the quilt before she was a week old (even with breaking the reverse button off my sewing machine).  Good thing she came two weeks early so we could meet her when we went to Indiana for my brother's graduation.
And thankfully, her mama took some photos right away as I forgot to take some with the quilt when I was there.  I was busy with snuggling her and trying to keep Eli from carrying her off by himself.

Isn't she a cutie?  Can you believe how much hair she has for coming two weeks early?

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