Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Tree Farms: Old Stone Farm and Evergreen Acres

When we were little, my family almost always bought a real Christmas tree.  We picked it up from the stand the local men's group had in town, and somehow got it home each year.  Keeping in that tradition, Brian and I have always bought real Christmas trees each year we've been married.  In Arizona that meant going to a stand in the nearest shopping mall, and even in Delaware we shopped at the local Lion's Club that was so close we could just walk the tree home if we wanted.  But starting in 2011, we decided to start going to local tree farms in search of our Christmas centerpiece.  On the recommendation from someone at our church, we found a beautiful little tree farm, Old Stone Farm, in nearby Landenberg, PA.  This farm featured rolling hills full of trees, as well as some goats, horses, and small animals to visit.  I have such vivid memories of going last year to pick out Eli's first tree, as it was a beautiful but foggy day.  I highly recommend this farm if you are near enough.

Looking for a similar place here, we passed up some of the more touristy tree farms and instead went to Evergreen Acres in Nokesville, Virginia.  Though only a short drive away, I was surprised by how quickly we got into the country.  After passing lots of cattle farms, we pulled up at Evergreen Acres.  While Theo helped himself to the free cider, we checked out the map and learned about the three types of trees they offered (white pine, scotch pine, and Norway spruce).  We looked around for awhile, before finding our perfect, fat little tree.  The wagon ride to and from the far field, and sitting on all the tractors seemed to be the highlights for the boys.  It was great, though I wish I had brought gloves because we apparently picked the most prickly tree ever.

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