Friday, December 20, 2013

A NOVA/DC Christmas: Part 2

On the day of Brian's office parties, we went ahead and hit up some more holiday attractions in DC.

First, needing to kill some time while Brian was working, he dropped us off at the train so we could take it into Union Station.  It was my first time using the stroller on the train with both kids, and it was really simple.  No problems at all.  When we got there, we window shopped for a while, listened to the choir that was singing in the entrance, and got to the main attraction- their holiday train set up.  Even though it didn't involve any Thomas or Chuggington characters, Theo was still very excited by it.  He circled the display several times, finding new details each time.  He could have stayed a lot longer, but we needed to head out.

We ran into Santa and Mrs. Claus again at Brian's Christmas parties.  We had actually saw Santa the day before out our church party also.  Theo was pretty apprehensive both times, and didn't actually talk to Santa either time.  Eli, surprisingly, didn't mind and sat for a nice photo.

Next we headed back to the National Christmas Tree to take in their train set-up and check out the state Christmas trees.  This set-up blew away the small one at Union Station, and had everything imaginable.  Theo could barely contain himself, and of course, did not want to leave.

Our last stop was the holiday market set-up near the National Portrait Museum.  We got some great empanadas and Theo picked out a new hat for himself.  His head really needs to stop growing so fast!  It was a nice end to a festive day.

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