Saturday, December 21, 2013

Elijah: 15 months

15 months
Weight:  23 lbs 13 oz, not much gain these months, as to be expected as you started walking.
Length:  31 inches
Size:  You are in 18-24 month, and 24 month/2T clothes regularly now.  You look so cute in jeans, sweaters, and winter hats.
Hair:  Blonde!  And in desperate need of a hair cut, but I hate to let that happen.
Eyes:  Brown, slightly lighter than Theo's; more like dada's.
Food:  About the same here, though you continue to be low on iron so we are working harder to get more into your diet.  You love cereal, and bring a box to me about 4 times a day (we need more high cabinets).  Vegetables are best from a pouch, whole milk is best out of a straw, and cheese is best in a stick.  You are now up to 8 teeth, and unfortunately you love to use them to bite mama (no one else though). 
Sleeping:  You just recently moved into the one nap a day phase, so we are trying to get that schedule down.  You still will only nap in your stroller, which is so frustrating.  And you cry when you have to go to bed at night, but only for a minute or two.  Theo shares his room with you, and keeps an eye on you all night.
Likes:  Being a little helper is your primary means of play.  Sweeping the floor, trying to walk the dog, and wanting to help in the kitchen takes up a lot of your time.  You also love to make any toy that has music play as much as possible.  And you give great hugs, whether to the baby dolls, Coriander, or mama.  You recently started "reading" to yourself, and particularly love a dump truck page in Little Blue Truck.  You are also right on cue for the clinging-to-mama stage, which you seem to have entered recently.
Language:  Like your brother was at first (and your parents still) you are a quiet one.  You say "dadadada," and you "hiss" for Kiki, but that is about it.  You did try out "mama" the other day, so I know you can do it if you want.  Recently, you learned to shake your head "no" at things, and you are still excellent at signing "more please".  Waving good-bye is also a new skill, and you continue to be a good clapper when something delights you.

I can't believe your next update will be 1 and a half!  Where is the time going?

Some photos from the last few months:

12.5 months
13 months

13.5 months
14 months

14.5 months

15 months

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