Thursday, August 18, 2016

Giant deals: 13 Ways I Saved at Giant Today

think the best thing about the kids going back to school in a couple weeks will be grocery shopping alone, or at least with only the baby.  Shopping with all three boys hanging off of one cart is a complete workout.  Nonetheless I had an excellent shopping day today at Giant and thought I would write about it.  Like always I went in with a very specific list (constructed over several days with the help of the weekly circular and checking rebate sites) and added a few deals I found along the way.  So, here are my 13 ways I saved today (and one way I didn't).

 My best deals today: all of this for about $36 all said and done after coupons, rebates and gas deals.

1.  Used their rewards card.  Simple but effective.

2.  Bought in bulk. Sometimes they offer special prices on meat if you buy three packages. Today it was on chicken breasts!  $1.39/lb is pretty much unbeatable around here.  14.1 pounds for under $19.46.

3. Used gas deals!  I have been using Giant gas deals for a while now.  If you buy specific items you can get $0.40 or $0.50 off a gallon. They have modified the program a bit lately and the new maximum is up to 20 gallons.  Buying these 6 items (all of which were on sale and half of which I had coupons/rebates  for) cost $14.64 Will give me back $8 in gas.

4.  Gas points doubler coupon.  I received these in the mail and they will double my gas points for the week.  One dollar equals one point. 100 points equals $.10 off gas. Looks like they did not double my bonus points but still an extra $0.10 off gas won't hurt. $2.00 in gas.

5.  Rebate apps.
Using Ibotta I got back $1.75 for the pancake mix and syrup (1.25 plus a bonus) that was part of the gas deal.  I got back a few dimes from Mobisave and Checkout 51 as well.

6.  Bought Driscoll berries.  I signed up to be a part of their survey panel so I get a $.75 coupon each time I buy a pack of berries and evaluate them.  Since giant doubles coupons and they were on sale I got these raspberries for $1.49.

7.  Used a category coupon from an email.  Giant sent me an email with a two dollars off a five dollar produce purchase coupon that I just had to click on to add to my card, basically giving me a bunch of bananas free and sale green beans free.

8.  Shopped the day-old bakery cart.  Found this naan bread package.  We love this stuff with my chickpea and turkey soup so I will just throw it in the freezer since it is near it's best before date.

9.  Shopped the clearance cart. I realize most groceries and even Target's grocery have a clearance section. Picked up some tea for Brian here.

10.  Added online coupons.  Giants website makes it easy to add coupons to your card, and has special offers and storebrand offers occasionally.  I had coupons for the Crisco and sausage already added to my card.

11.  Doubling coupons.  Giant doubles coupons up to a dollar. I actually only had  two paper coupons today for the cheese sticks and berries, normally I have more.

12.  Buy their's, get our's.  Speaking of storebrand Giant offers a " buy their's, get our's free" deal where you will get their product free for buying a competitor's product.

13.  Found manager's special pork.  I always look for these yellow labels when I'm shopping in the meat department. As long as the meat looks good (and I can tell because I was on the State winning FFA meats judging team) I don't mind buying meat close to it's "fresh by date" and freezing it.

Phew... That was a lot. But it's exciting to save and still get a pretty healthy cart of food.  The only other way I can think of to say at Giant is using the coupon in the circular. There are normally three offers for really good deals that you can use as long as you spend $25 or more.  I didn't need any of the products today though.

Any other ways I am missing for saving at Giant?

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