Friday, August 26, 2016

Dress Up Play at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Since we visit the museum so often (free tickets through my sister!), I don't always add a blog post about it.  But this time, Eli was so cute dressing up as a dozen different characters that I just had to post some photos.  We actually ended up doing the entire day at the museum, and ended the day with the end of day parade (4:45, helps get your kids out the door).  This was the first visit Thomas really played, and he absolutely loved the baby zone in Playscape.

In this post, I mentioned most of my tips for visiting the museum, but I've got a few more:
  • Check out the paper they give you when you enter to find the times of all the interactive programs and cart demonstrations the museum offers.  My sister was doing one on all the weapons from the Painted Soldiers, which my children loved!
  • You can leave your phone and charger with the concierge to charge if needed.
  • There were some nice healthy selections of baby friendly food (grapes, cheese, boiled eggs, mandarin oranges, etc.), but of course they were expensive as all the food court is pricey. 
  • Many exhibits now have these neat family guides.  Take a look at them to get more ideas with how to interact with the exhibits.
Current temporary exhibit:
Pirates and Princesses:  Storybook Adventure
Family Guide

New Permanent Exhibit:
Beyond Spaceship Earth (Download the app before you go to get the kids even more excited.)

Family Guide
Other dress-up opportunities:
Aunt Erin dressed up as an archaeologist.
Eli in scuba gear.

My little dinosaur.
My dragonfly.
In a traditional Chinese costume.

 And there were a lot of other ones I missed (I had camera memory card and phone battery issues!).  Another great day at the museum!

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