Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thomas Update: 11 Months

This month just flew by.  You're all over the place playing, but at the same time you like to stick near me as much as you can.  We took you on your first visit to the ocean and you slept in the hotel crib with no problem!  You still use a binky, but you're mostly happy.  Luckily you like to ride in the stroller, so you get to adventure with us.  You still seem like my little baby, and it's crazy you'll be one so soon.  

Weight: ???
Length: ???
Feeding:  We are down to the last few purees.  After watching you grab food that wasn't yours and eat it, I've decided you don't need things cut up as much as I thought.  You love bananas, any kind of meat, crackers, and any fruit.  You're still trying to figure out how to drink from a sippy cup better, and can finally eat a pouch without a huge mess.  You're down to nursing first thing in the morning, and then around 2:00 and bedtime. 
Sleeping: Most nights 9-8 or so.  You like one long nap around 11 or so, but you go with your brothers' schedules and nap when you can. 
Communication:  Waving (mostly good-bye)!  I think you also say dada.  Every now and then it sounds like you'll say a word, but none that are too clear.  You will sign "more" but you'd rather just yell.  You'll clap whenever I ask (and liked the concerts we went to this month where you danced a little).
Likes:  you love balls, playing in sand, crawling up the stairs (not down), ripping paper, music
Dislikes:  not getting to crawl around at will, you really hate laying still for diaper changes
Growth Milestones:  You are pulling yourself up on everything, everywhere now.

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